“ Each fragrance, each taste can reveal a different picture, sensation, or souvenir for each of us. The essences of my terroir, our champagnes, are an invitation to find back some aromas born from our meticulous know-how and our vineyard. My acute sensitivity has inspired me to produce our cuvees, will they awaken your senses? ”
David Levasseur, Awakener of senses enter

Producing the essences of his terroir in the House where he grew up, Rue du Sorbier, David Levasseur has his own “Proust’s Madeleines ” there :

A the heart of Parc Naturel Régional de la Montagne de Reims, near Reims, Hautvillers and Epernay. The terroir as playground

Like fun and educational discoveries, our champagnes will awaken your senses. Play with you olfactory memory, let their effervescence charm your taste buds and enjoy their flavours!